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Film Up

Juni 23, 2013


This story begins from a little boy named Mr. Fredricksen. He admired the famous scientist Charles Muntz. Then Mr. Fredricksen met with Ellie. They both have a similar purpose to South America wants to build a house in Paradise Falls.

            Continue the story they eventually married. Day after day they spent together happily. But they approached a problem Ellie can’t have a child. They seem to be sad. When they approached the problem like that, their loyalty remains awake. For a moment they forget that problem and continued on to their destination both for the South Americans. Because of his passion to go there, they have an idea to make savings from the bottle. However, the problem does come up every day they come so that the bottle is always solvable.

            After a long with them grow old, their love by timeless time. One day Mr. Fredricsken bought tickets for travel, when he wanted to give a surprise to Ellie, Ellie suddenly fell ill and died. Mr. Fredricksen very sad for that. Problem again approached Mr. Fredricksen, he asked for to Shady Oaks, Retirement Village. However, Mr. Fredricksen unwilling and stayed at his home. When Mr. Fredricksen sitting inside his house came a boy named Russelle.

            A car when there are contractors that slammed into Mr Fredricksen mail box. The car guide apologised and want to fix the mail box Mr. Fredricksen but because of the upset, Mr. Fredricksen does not want his or her mail box touched by such person. He accidentally hit that person to bleed. Everyone that is in front of the house Mr. Fredricksen surprised will be done Mr. Fredricksen. Therefore Mr. Fredricksen prosecuted and tried.

            Mr. Fredricksen asked by police officers to Shady Oaks, Retirement Village. His feelings felt sad to leave her house because the house is his memory along with Ellie. Then Mr. Fredricksen had the idea to fly his house with balloons. In the course of flying suddenly Russelle knocketh instantly Mr. Fredricksen shocked. Mr Fredricksen previously did not give Russelle to get into his house. But because Russelle kept asking finally there was given into his house to Ruselle.

            At the time of a trip to South America in Paradise Falls occurred an event Mr Fredricksen being struck by lightning so make some balloon burst. Mr. Fredricksen and Russelle crashed, luckily on the front of the House Mr. Fredricksen there is a water hose. The interval came to be held by Mr. Fredricksen and accompanied by Russelle. It turns out they had reached near Paradise Fall. They walk to towards the waterfall. On the other hand there’s a flock of dogs chasing a bird (snipe). The bird ran with Frisky so as not to get caught the famous dogs.

            In the course of Mr. Fredricksen and Russelle toward a waterfall. Russelle suddenly feel followed by something it turns out it was a Snipe. When told to Mr. Fredricksen, Mr Fredricksen. don’t want to allow to invite Russelle snipe. However Russelle nonetheless invited Snipe on their way unnoticed by Mr. Fredricksen. In the course of the next Mr Fredricksen and Russelle meet with a dog named Dug. They were surprised because the dog can talk. After they observed the dog can talk because the necklace on the neck of the dog. Russele would like to invite more Thump on their way but Mr. Fredricksen don’t give it.

            On the other hand there are a bunch of nasty dogs. The dog wanted to capture the Snipe on the orders of Charles Muntz. In the journey of Mr. Fredchicken and Russelle met with Charles Muntz. In that meeting Charles Muntz told me if he wanted to capture a rare bird. Without deliberate Russelle tell if ever meet with the bird and he named Kevin

            When Charles Muntz know that Mr Fredricksen have Kevin, he sent his dogs to chase Mr. Fredricksen and Russell and Kevin who fled. They could be caught, but failed to get caught because of the help of Dug. After briefly survived, Charles Muntz eventually managed to get Kevin, while Mr. Fredricksen decided not to save Kevin and live in Paradise Falls. Mr. Fredricksen, who re-discovered the book the adventures of Ellie, seeing that this time he had done wrong, as he looked at a wide range of pictures of her and Ellie when they were still together. Then he sees Ellie ‘ Thanks for the adventure. Got a New one! Ellie. ‘ and realize that he must save Kevin.

            He then came out to talk with Russell who annoyed him, but Russell was gone first pursue the giant ship Charles Muntz with balloons from the House Mr. Fredricksen. Mr Fredricksen trying to catch up with Russell, but was caught by Russelle Charles Muntz. Mr. Fredricksen tried to save Russell and Kevin. On the fight Mr. Fredricksen with Charles Muntz. Charles Muntz falls from a height and caused his death. They rejoice because it managed to make Charles Muntz loses, but Mr. Fredricksen feeling sad because his house and Ellie fall out where.

            Russell and Mr Fredricksen, went home to his native with a giant ship Charles Muntz. Mr. Fredricksen attended the inauguration of Russell. Russell picked up Mr. Fredricksen adoptive father as. While Kevin has already returned to his home and Dug makes Mr. Fredricksen as its new owner. Dug, Mr Fredricksen, Russell and a happy life. While without Mr. Fredricksen know, his house and Ellie who crashed while fighting with Charles Muthz landed perfectly on Paradise Falls, exactly the way they dreamed of.

            Embodied from the movie Up is we are to be faithful to live their lives with our spouses of any problems encountered and do selfishly concerned with our own interests because we live it bersosial not stand alone we must mutually help each other help between


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