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The Last Song

Juni 23, 2013

The Last Song


The story is about a adolescent from New York, Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller. She has a rebellious nature. Nature that arise because she hates divorce her parents and move her father, Steve to Georgia three years ago. One time Ronnie and her brother, Jonah is sent by her mother who named Kim to spend their summer vacation with their father in Georgia. Obviously this becomes more felt like a punishment than a holiday for Ronnie. In contrast to her brother Jonah, he loved his father and very happy to be there.

Quarrels with her father did not make things grow better. Her father wants Ronnie to play the piano again. Her father thought it was the greatest talent Ronnie. But, Ronnie continued to refuse. At the time Ronnie a walk around the beach she met Will Blakelee, a handsome young man in the region. Since that meeting, they become closer. But, their proximity does not run smoothly, there was a girl who told that Will was a man who often playing women. Heard these words  Ronnie being hated Will. Will be used a few ways to convince Ronnie that he did not like it and just love Ronnie one. Until one day Ronie be melted and they are dating.

Affair with her father also slowly began to return to melt because request by her brother to treat father with better. But, the problems did not stop. Affair Ronnie and Will, who is the son of a noble family in the area, was not so beloved by both parents Will. On the other side, when her started being nice to her father. Her father ill.  Prove her father keep a secret that during this, he has cancer illness. It made Ronnie regretted what her had done with her father. Moreover, then she knows that her father no longer alive. Her was very sad and felt guilty to her father that she promised to take care of her father until the end of her father’s life. Finally her father died, as she was last farewell to play the piano at her father’s funeral.





This story has a meaning that affectionate father (parents) will not ever be lost to children throughout life. Live the our parents because without the parents we certainly will not be like this. Do not easily believe in the words of another person because the person is saying is not necessarily true. Other than that, do not easily give up and despair in the face of something that we want to achieve





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